Wheelchair / Scooter Hoists

We offer a full and comprehensive range of hoists.

The objective of our boot-hoists is to enable you to lift your scooter or wheelchair into the boot of your car.

Below is a list of SOME of the popular hoists we can offer:


We are proud to be able to supply the FULL Smart Lifter range by Autochair.












The Autochair 40Kg and 80Kg SmartLifter L-M
  • Loads small to medium sized scooters or electric wheelchairs
  • Can also be used to lift a manual wheelchair
  • This hoist lifts using a strong webbing strap
  • The hoist’s robust steel construction and plastic bushes have proved to be reliable yet economical
  • Can be fitted in very small cars using a universal fitting kit (which makes the most of the available boot space)
  • fixed and folding versions are available for use in small hatchbacks which are often deemed unsuitable for hoists
  • one of the best selling hoist in the UK and Europe for nearly 10 years











The Autochair 100/150/200Kg Smart Lifter L-P
  • Strong and robust hoist for lifting  scooters and electric wheelchairs from small to very large
  • Fully Adjustable to utilize the available space in a car of almost any size
  • Made from autochair’s own patented aluminium extrusion this is the strongest and lightest 150Kg hoist on the market
  • all the fastening are stainless and the moving parts are supported on oilite bronze bushes – a long lasting premium solution
  • Tried and tested since 2012 with a very impressive record of reliability
  • a real engineering marvel, impressive to look at and very hard wearing




Compact wheelchair hoist in Mercedes c-class
The Autochair 80Kg and 100Kg Smart Lifter L-C
  • Slimline and fully adjustable for maximum lifting range
  • Newly released for 2017
  • Another new patented aluminum extrusion is used to produce the slim yet strong lifting boom
  • Strong – lifts a medium scooter or electric wheelchair with ease
  • Slim-line design reduces wasted space (saves over 50mm in height compared to the Olympian!)
  • The clever low profile ‘spreader bar’ can now be removed from the hoist when not in use
  • available in both 80 and 100 kilogram lifting capacities

see our first fit review from January 2017 for more details and pictures 




Universal hoists

we also offer a small range of universal hoists from three other manufacturers

please call for full details.

Brigayd compact folding wheelchair hoists

  • Manufactured to lift manual wheelchairs
  • Will fit into tight spaces and lift manual wheelchair into small cars
  • Stored folded, this hoist can be installed into hatchbacks and even some saloons




Please email or call with your requirements.

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It is often necessary for us to know what make and model of scooter or wheelchair you need to lift, so if possible please have this information handy!