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Services available from Berkshires Premier Vehicle Adaptation Specialist
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Wheelchair Hoists

Solutions for lifting and storing wheelchairs and mobility scooters. We can lift scooters up to a massive 200Kg!

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Driver Controls

Hand Controls, Left Foot Accelerator, Steering Aids, Lodgesons / Smart Steer

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Accessing The vehicle

Person Hoists & Transfer Plates

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bespoke adaptations

Off the shelf adaptations don’t suit everyone. we specialize in both customising existing products and manufacturing one off vehicle adaptations to suit your needs


Where did we come from and what do we do?
"A business centered around quality"

South Central Engineering trades as a Fully Registered Limited company in the UK and specialises in providing competitively priced solutions to the needs of disabled drivers and passengers. We are able to utilise many years of in-industry experience which allows us to guarantee the highest quality of installation available. For maximum convenience we offer a mobile installation service at no extra cost. For more information about how the company was formed head to our About page

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