Driving Controls

Hand Controls 

push pull hand control lever 1

hand controls car newbury







  • ‘Push Pull’ Hand Controls are a popular solution for driving without the use of your feet.
  • Can only be fitted to Automatic vehicles
  • Simply pull the lever to accelerate or push to apply the brakes
  • The original pedals can still be used by other drivers
  • A removable foot plate can be fitted to prevent the pedals being accidentally depressed
  • Indicator / light switch can be added to the hand control lever


Left Foot Accelerator

left foot accelerator left foot accelerator






  • Folding Left foot Accelerator
  • Can only be fitted to Automatic vehicles
  • Allows you to drive with left foot
  • Fold to allow use of original pedals


Steering aids

quick release steering ball






  • Steering aids allow the steering wheel to be rotated fully using only one hand
  • Different designs of steering aid let you choose the safest and most comfortable option
  • Securely attached for maximum control and safety
  • Available in quick release which allows the steering aid to be easily removed when not in use


Wireless steering devices


  • By using the buttons on the steering aid it is possible to control the lights, wipers and various other functions
  • Allows safe operation of the vehicle using only one hand
  • Available in different designs from several manufacturers


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