Accessing the Vehicle

Milford Person Lift

milford person lift car wheelchair

milford person lift car wheelchair

milford person lift car wheelchair

milford hoist lift rear discovary











Having spent the last ten years installing this product I can wholeheartedly say that the Milford Person Lift offers an unparalleled solution to allow a carer to lift a wheelchair user into the car.

  • Available in passenger / driver / front / rear fitments
  • The lift mechanism is removed when traveling allowing for minimum intrusion into passenger space
  • The most comfortable and supportive sling on the market
  • The Milford Person Lift alows a person with little or no movement to be lifted into the vehicle
  • Additional fitting kits can allow one Milford Lift to be used in many cars
  • Smart base and wall brackets allow the Milford Lift to be used in the house as well as the car

Click here to see a video from the manufacturer (autochair) 


Transfer Plate

guidosimplex transfer plate









Another popular solution is the transfer plate – the transfer plate is designed to bridge the gap between your wheelchair and the car seat, once you are seated comfortably, you remove the transfer plate to allow the door to close.

  • Cost effective
  • Strong (300Kg)
  • Simple (fitting takes one hour)
  • Can be used on passenger or drivers side

Call us to see if we can offer a transfer plate for your vehicle.